Death To Us

by Constellations

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released January 3, 2014

Produced/Engineered/Mixed and Mastered by Adam Newcomb/Newcomb Studios in Harwood, Ontario



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Constellations Pickering, Ontario

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Track Name: From Nothing
This is the start of our generation
Will you be the first to join?
The best is yet to come
And we've only just begun

This is our time to shine
Let our voices, be your guide

This call is filling my chest
Time to put strength to the test
This call is filling my chest

What can we do in this present time?
Now I know what we're meant to be
All of our dreams that can set us free
With everything that I hope, to, be

We will tell all to follow
With no false prophecy to swallow

We have waited all our lives
And sacrificed everything
Just to see this dream play out
Like it has in all our minds

This is the time
To let it fly
And hope this is

From Nothing

Musical misanthropist
Will you help me take the risk?
Lyrical genius
Be there with me to keep me breathing


Now I know what we're meant to be
All of our dreams that can set us free
And all the determination, within us

It's all within us now
Forever to be found
Nothing to keep us down
Can you hear the sound?

Can be found
Can you hear the sound? Of all the work we've done and all the hearts we've won
Will be found
Will you take this oath to follow us on this path and lead us through the wrath
Can be found
My family and friends I know I speak of a dark and dingy place
Will be found
but beauty can be found in any given space

Beauty can be found
Beauty can be found
Beauty can be found, Beauty can be found, Beauty can be found, Beauty can be found
Beauty can be found, Beauty can be found, Beauty can be found, Beauty will be found
Track Name: Predecessor
Sleepless nights, on and on have gotten me nowhere
Pondering on every thought of your ghostly face

Where are you drifting to now?

But then

I remembered that I wondered what it was to see
A hopeless man hanging on lifelessly

Can you save me? Can you save me from his nightmare.
Confused it may be. But so unfair, so unfair.

He’s standing alone right over me. Silenced, and never complete.
The words he said will follow me. Until my last breath.

Will you,
Will you,

This life is precious and don’t you spare it on something that you can’t believe in. We’re here for a reason, reasons with meaning, so show them what life is worth living for.

Now that I saw my own predecessor,
My choice was made, my choice was made, the choice to join

to stay alive

I no longer waste a single second of my life,
with things that have no impact, to my own demise.

This, could be, your last, day. So,
Why would you, why would you, waste it away?
This could be your last day, will you waste it away?

This changed everything,
In my entire life,
I know this for sure,
It’s my time to strive,
He was never there,
But I know he cares.

This is all I have to give,
This is all I need to live ,
I’ll here his voice everywhere I go ,
But it’s motive just to let me know,
I’ll be pushed and beaten down,
And not a human will make a sound,
Except my motivation,
Giving me regeneration.

I’ll be pushed and beaten down,
And not a human will make a sound,
Except my motivation,
Giving us regeneration.

He said these haunting word,
That will never escape my mind,
Don’t leave your family, like me.
Track Name: The Stigma
My mind is blank, with no where to go
My heart is numb, and feels so lost
When will this end? Will it ever end?
Is this done? it will never end

I can't breathe, the air is so smog
Another breath, I’m losing it all
When my last one, the very last
Could be death

I have pushed everything aside to make this work
And I will not stop at nothing
To have this life mean something
Mean something more to me

I have pushed and fought to sever all the ties that would keep me from living out my life
Now I pray that my mind can rest and know that I am on my way
To the top of life's mountain

Mental states to mental breakdowns is what i've been use too
Forget my happiness and you'll see the darkest shades
Forget my happiness in every way

Bring me to my knees
And see the weak inside me

Bring me down to my knees
And see the wreck inside of me

Why can’t you see, that ill never be the same now
I’ve always been, the one to see it but i’ll be coming home

I know that it will take time
Before my mind can heal
But all I am use to
Is all the pain that I can feel

My anxiety will no longer have its hold on me and I will see the world, with my brand new eyes, with my brand new eyes, I will see the world and never apologize

This stigma has been laid to rest
Track Name: Coward (ft. Alex Leech of Sleep When You're Dead)
Before I lay this down,
know that I'm not like this,
but you've opened your mouth,
far too long.

You've crossed a line,
between forget and a grudge'
lets see how you hold up'
between you and the judge.

I no longer have any respect,
my heart is cold, but what'd you expect?
You think I'll stand here and take it?
I'll pick you apart, bit by bit.

I've contemplated,
looking past your ways,
only to realize,
nothing has changed.

Hopefully you will come to see,
when the substance hits, inside your veins,
that I was here, to guide you out,
but when the next high hits, we'll see, we'll see who remains.

**Years of treating you like a brother,
I brought you in, now I won't bother,
falling fast right off your chair,
with your welfare and your brainwashed love affair.

It's not who I'm meant to be,
you brought out the beast, the beast inside me.**

I've put this out for all to see,
and I'll deal with the demons that haunt me.

they will forever follow, my voice.

These words get harder and harder,
as these words get harder and harder,
when these words get harder and harder,
and these words will get...

(Harder) When your world comes crashing down,
know that I'm nowhere to be found, you'll soon,
realize you are nothing without me,
you left the memories to drift out at sea.

And when you crawl right back to shore,
I'll be right there to shut the door.

Through the ages?
I need no age to see through you,
I need no age to see.

** = Alex Leech
Track Name: Unless
Stigmas grow greater than fear
When the nightmare you detest
To admit is oh so near
Look into your eyes

Do you see faith?
Look through your eyes
Do you see fate?
A fate for your conscious

Drown down the meds that keep you going
Preventing you from being the next
Rock star in the horror show, maybe a sense of character will keep you from
Pulling the trigger, it’s quite the shame
Such a crying shame, that your
Mind needs help, but you say nothing to me

I beg of you to not make a move if it saves another cut in a groove

The day you gave up on yourself
Is the day hell walked this earth, you were
Non-existent in an existing world
With the good buried under your floor boards

You lost your sense of compassion
Now death is your permanent fashion
Enjoy your fame
As you brought it all to shame

I hope that the youth
That you have destroyed
Haunts you until your dying day
I know that you are happy with destruction
I hope that you find your peace
With the dirt you will eat for your eternity

Now please
Set a rainbow over the broken homes
Sail away

Sail away
Sail away the haunting memories
From your sadistic disease
Sail away the haunting memories
From your goddamn disease

What will you say?
When this has gone away
I don’t know if this will ever change
And I will never be the same

What will I say?
When this has gone away
You won’t know if this will ever change
You will never be the same