Coward (ft. Alex Leech of Sleep When You're Dead)

from by Constellations

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Before I lay this down,
know that I'm not like this,
but you've opened your mouth,
far too long.

You've crossed a line,
between forget and a grudge'
lets see how you hold up'
between you and the judge.

I no longer have any respect,
my heart is cold, but what'd you expect?
You think I'll stand here and take it?
I'll pick you apart, bit by bit.

I've contemplated,
looking past your ways,
only to realize,
nothing has changed.

Hopefully you will come to see,
when the substance hits, inside your veins,
that I was here, to guide you out,
but when the next high hits, we'll see, we'll see who remains.

**Years of treating you like a brother,
I brought you in, now I won't bother,
falling fast right off your chair,
with your welfare and your brainwashed love affair.

It's not who I'm meant to be,
you brought out the beast, the beast inside me.**

I've put this out for all to see,
and I'll deal with the demons that haunt me.

they will forever follow, my voice.

These words get harder and harder,
as these words get harder and harder,
when these words get harder and harder,
and these words will get...

(Harder) When your world comes crashing down,
know that I'm nowhere to be found, you'll soon,
realize you are nothing without me,
you left the memories to drift out at sea.

And when you crawl right back to shore,
I'll be right there to shut the door.

Through the ages?
I need no age to see through you,
I need no age to see.

** = Alex Leech


from Death To Us, released January 3, 2014
Guest Vocals by Alex Leech of Sleep When You're Dead
Produced/Engineered/Mixed and Mastered by Adam Newcomb
Music by Nick Perovic
Lyrics by Dylan Cooper



all rights reserved


Constellations Pickering, Ontario

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