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Sleepless nights, on and on have gotten me nowhere
Pondering on every thought of your ghostly face

Where are you drifting to now?

But then

I remembered that I wondered what it was to see
A hopeless man hanging on lifelessly

Can you save me? Can you save me from his nightmare.
Confused it may be. But so unfair, so unfair.

He’s standing alone right over me. Silenced, and never complete.
The words he said will follow me. Until my last breath.

Will you,
Will you,

This life is precious and don’t you spare it on something that you can’t believe in. We’re here for a reason, reasons with meaning, so show them what life is worth living for.

Now that I saw my own predecessor,
My choice was made, my choice was made, the choice to join

to stay alive

I no longer waste a single second of my life,
with things that have no impact, to my own demise.

This, could be, your last, day. So,
Why would you, why would you, waste it away?
This could be your last day, will you waste it away?

This changed everything,
In my entire life,
I know this for sure,
It’s my time to strive,
He was never there,
But I know he cares.

This is all I have to give,
This is all I need to live ,
I’ll here his voice everywhere I go ,
But it’s motive just to let me know,
I’ll be pushed and beaten down,
And not a human will make a sound,
Except my motivation,
Giving me regeneration.

I’ll be pushed and beaten down,
And not a human will make a sound,
Except my motivation,
Giving us regeneration.

He said these haunting word,
That will never escape my mind,
Don’t leave your family, like me.


from Death To Us, released January 3, 2014
Produced/Engineered/Mixed and Mastered by Adam Newcomb
Music by Nick Perovic
Lyrics by Dylan Cooper



all rights reserved


Constellations Pickering, Ontario

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